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Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar

Message from the president

Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was founded in Paris in 1919, under the title of “ the Merchants of Peace”.

In my capacity as the Secretary General of the Chambers of Commerce, I felt the importance of establishing a Syrian National Committee to benefit from the experience and services that ICC offers in banking, transportation and other sectors, which motivated me to take the initiative to establish the Syrian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce in Syria in 1987.

Taking into account the importance of the Junior Chamber International (JCI), I also took the initiative to establish JCI in Syria in 2004, which has had a major role in developing the capacities of young businessmen under the umbrella of ICC-Syria.

As it is well known, ICC all over the world includes an elite group of businessmen from different sectors. The same applies to ICC Syria; it includes a number of Syrian businessmen who work in the fields of banking, insurance, transportation and arbitration who contributed to providing advice in the economic reform process and transition from the directed economy into a free social economy.

As part of the success story of ICC Syria, I was honored to be elected as a member of the Executive Board of ICC headquarter in Paris, which helped in consolidating the relation between the Syrian National Committee and the Headquarter.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar
President of ICC-Syria
Executive Board Member in ICC- Paris